Twenty Places to Eat Near to The Chuan Park

Here are twenty places that you can eat if you are staying at The Chuan Park !


Certainly! Here's the list of 20 dining spots in Serangoon, shuffled in a random order with detailed descriptions:

1. **Moments'** - Offers a mix of local and Western dishes with family-friendly portions, like Dry Ban Mian with Pork Belly and Classic Ban Mian.

2. **La Petite Boutique** - A French mini grocery that brings a taste of France to Singapore, offering wines, cheeses, and other French products, plus bakes from Tiong Bahru Bakery.

3. **Oblong** - A late-night ice cream parlor with creative waffles like Charcoal and Kinder Bueno, along with bubblegum, milo dinosaur, and earl grey lavender ice cream flavors.

4. **Dessert Bowl** - Specializes in traditional Chinese-style dessert bowls, notable for its Durian Mousse and Durian Snow Mountain, along with refreshing Mango Ice.

5. **Baker & Cook** - Known for its dessert pastries, sourdough bakes, gluten-free whole cakes, and pizzas with a variety of toppings in a quiet setting perfect for relaxing.

6. **Apollo Coffee** - Offers a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, known for its hearty Breakfast Burger, Summertime French Toast, and high-quality Melbourne-style coffee.

7. **Sun Ray Cafe** - A pet-friendly cafe serving artisanal pastries, mains, and hand-brewed coffee, along with pet treats made from human-grade meats and vegetables.

8. **Folk Yard** - Features hearty breakfast sandwiches and sourdough pizzas at night, with dishes like the Nothing Fancy pizza and Japanese-inspired Breakfast Sandwich using shokupan.

9. **The Larder Cafe** - Provides affordable cafe fare with selections like Carbonara Spaghetti and BBQ Pork Ribs in a casual and cozy location.

10. **Serangoon Gardens Bakery & Confectionery** - A longstanding bakery since the 1970s known for its affordable buns with fillings like yam paste and red bean, often selling out by lunchtime.

11. **A Thing or Two** - Sells affordable gelato ice cream and waffles in a quaint setting, with pet-friendly options and unique flavors like Grape Yakult.

12. **Cafe Gyoen** - Features a unique Tokyo train-inspired interior and offers hearty Japanese bento sets like Teishoku Big Breakfast Wagyu Tataki and Kitsune Udon.

13. **Kreme Cafe** - Offers old-school pastries and freshly made ice cream with flavors like Bailey’s and Matcha Azuki Beans, alongside traditional breads like Yam and Kaya slices.

14. **Oddity Cafe** - A pet-friendly cafe with a quirky all-day brunch menu featuring dishes like Miso Sexy pasta and Miso Tots, along with unique offerings like Okinawa Sweet Potato Gelato.

15. **The Better Scoop** - Known for its Nian Gao Waffles and ice cream flavors inspired by floral and tea elements, such as Chrysanthemum Goji Berries and Tie Guanyin.

16. **Plonk** - Offers daily deals, with specials like 2-for-1 pasta on Mondays and free meals for kids on Sundays, alongside Melbourne-style coffee from Merchant Coffee Roasters.

17. **Chu & Co.** - An artisan sourdough bakery offering savory bakes, sweet viennoiseries, and popular grilled sandwiches like the Mushroom Melt and Gorgonzola Bacon.

18. **New Eastern Kim Tee** - Specializes in traditional bak kwa and pineapple tarts, with unique varieties like Chilli Bak Kwa and Truffle Bak Kwa available year-round.

19. **Orh-Kee Noodles** - A local favorite known for its Signature Minced Meat Noodles and Handmade Fishball Noodles, located near the main bus stop at Serangoon Gardens.

20. **Clovelly** - Offers a seafood-inspired menu with dishes like Crab on Crab pasta and Crab Croissant Florentine, beautifully presented with colorful edible flowers and runny egg yolk.

This diverse selection provides a broad range of culinary experiences, from cozy cafes to traditional bakeries and late-night treats, perfect for any occasion in Serangoon.